Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tour of Ohio Update

Stage 2 was a rough one with bad weather and a challenging course that was rolling the whole time and 2 super steep short climbs. One of the climbs was to the finish line as well. We rode very aggressive and controlled the race the whole day. We made the race very hard and in the end there were only about 50 guys of the 130 in the lead group. With about a half lap to go (4 miles) Dewie Dickey got away by himself. We stuck everyone on the front and slowly were pulling him in. I was cramping pretty bad so we decided to set up Josh England for the finish as he had already won the 2 KOM sprints of the day. Coming into the last time up the hill with about 2K to go Hekman was bring Dewie back and I took over as we could see the hill. I put my last big effort in and we caught Dewie at the base of the climb. Josh placed himself nicely and put it too everyone in the sprint winning and making it 2 for 2 for A&F. I crawled in at the tail end of the group to get the same time. Josh and I were tied for the lead and since he had a better place in the crit then I did in the road race he took the yellow. Keep it in the family!

Yesterday was brutal with the hilliest day of the Tour. Our plan was to let our overall guys.. Josh, Hekman, and Gavic, sit and do nothing until the last hard 3 climbs that started at 15 miles to go. Tim Swain got in a break and was gone the entire day and I covered everything behind him being in numerous groups all day. Hekman eventually got away in a group and joined Tim's group. I got away right after that with another rider but we could only get within 30 secs of them and that was it. We got caught in the end and I exploded. Hekman rode a great ride getting his crit legs over the hills. Dickey again bridged to them and out sprinted Hekman for the win. Hekman rode his ass off for 2nd. Unfortunately though Hekman and Dickey are now tied and Dickey takes the jersey from us since he won the stage.

Today's stage is in my backyard in Worthington and after our little tactical error yesterday the boys are super motivated and ready to take the race up a notch. stay tuned.

check out - Tour of Ohio for reports and full results on each stage.

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