Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tour of Ohio Stage 4

Today's stage was basically in my backyard so the team met at my place before the race... it was nice to have our team meeting in air conditioning rather than outside in the 90 degree heat. We came up with a plan and the best part of it is that we executed it to perfection. Mark was tied for the lead but we didn't have the yellow jersey so that was our plan.... get it back. With time bonus's on the line at the finish we wanted to put Mark in position to get them and take the lead. The team rode great and I actually scored some more points in the Sprinter competition along the way which was a bonus. We controlled everything as if we already had the jersey and in the end it was all together.. With 5 laps to go we had 4 of us at the front with Mark in tow. The team was unreal and I did my last pull coming to see 1 to go and that was it for me. Josh looked after Mark until Kelly Benefits jumped us. Mark rode them up to the last corner and turned it on to win by about 4 bike lengths and back into the yellow jersey... So tomorrow A&F will wear all 3 jerseys which will be super cool. The race was awesome and it was great to have all my friends and family there cheering us on... Thanks for coming out and your welcome for giving you a reason to drink. 2 more days of racing and the team is on an ultimate high... Today's mission accomplished.
The train starts.....
Trains winding up...Do I look like I'm having fun?
End Result.
**Photo's compliment of Blair Fraley... you rock!

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DHOLLA said...

Man you look so handsome with your jersey sleeves pulled up showing off those bronzed guns of yours.