Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Team finally announced!

Super excited to be a part of this team. Great guys and great sponsors!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Team Roster Finally!!!

I will post a follow up to this post but wanted to announce my teams roster finally:

Marco Aledia
Rahsaan Bahati
Clayton Chase
Yosvany Falcon
Chad Hartley
Jordan Mathis
Rob White

Super excited to be racing with Rahsaan as we have been great friends for a long time. Equally happy to be reunited with my old Kenda teammates and friends Chad and Robby. Also looking forward to my first time mates Yosvany, Clayton and Jordan. Should be a fun year!

More to come on the team!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a great holidays. I have been sick with a sinus infection throughout them so not much fun for me.

I have been off to a good start in training but a little set back with the sickness. All healthy now and ready to get focused on the bike for 2013.

I have signed with a new team and it's been really hard not too blurt out who is on it and who is close to being on it. Gonna turn some heads once the team is announced. They are still sorting the title sponsor or I would tell ya what the team is. Bottom line is I don't know what the team name is! When I know you will know!

Either way I will be back on the scene this year swinging for the fences with a great team. I plan on taking out some frustration of last year out in the early season races. 2012 season is behind me thank god and I have a fresh start which I am very thankful for.

Our race schedule is in the works and I will post it as soon as its done. We will be coming to a town near you so come out and see us race and party with us afterwards.

Good luck to everyone in 2013 and hope to see ya soon.

(Your welcome Casey)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday, May 11, 2012

Check out my video I did for Athens Twilight! First time I have used this new GoPro camera so still trying to figure it out. Pretty cool perspective of the opening laps. enjoy!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Race of 2012... Gettn my feet wet

I found myself in Austin, TX and luckily Dave Wenger told me about a nice Thursday night race they have down there. I figured it was a training crit but when I showed up I saw a big blown up finish line and the music was pumpin! This was no small race.

The Driveway Series is totally badass. Better than some weekend races I attend. Great field, great course, venders set up and FREE beer... Yes I said free!

John Grant was also in town for some reason so atleast I knew a couple guys there. I was fresh off the plane with heavy legs and with being able to count the times I've ridden outside on all my fingers, I was just looking to get my feet wet.

Guys have been riding and racing a lot down there so I was looking for a good workout and to hopefully not embarrass myself.

The race started out quick and I was just trying to remember how to turn my bike at high speeds. Wenger got in a pretty dangerous 3 man move and I thought I shouldn't let that go. I followed a move with John Grant and 3 of us rolled away. We worked well together and caught the break in about a half a lap. We were 6 strong now... Well really 5. I was way in over my head but my mind is a lot stronger than my legs right now. We rolled along pretty good. They were killin me and it started showing with about 6 laps to go and one of the guys attacked hard on the hill and I was cashed. It split the move in half and I just went back to the field half cracked. I surfed a lil and still was 4th in the field sprint. I was pretty happy with my ride knowing my fitness is behind but glad I read the race right and got my feet wet. I definetly felt out of shape and like I traveled all day on a plane but it's good to see where I am. Dave ended up winning which was nice.

Austin is a blast and I met and hung out with some great people. Not to mention I got to attend SXSW finally and got to see one of my fav old school bands Candlebox.

Thanks Austin and I'll see ya again someday!

Oh yeah, and got to hang out with my man, the legend, Johnny Sundt.

Friday, March 2, 2012

My New Ride....and an update

Super ecstatic to be on a Felt this year. Last year I had a ton of issues and I didn't get to ride one but this year I am all set and dialed in on my new bike. Have a few more bling details to dial in but it's ready for the most part.

Training has been progressing nicely and it looks like my first big event will be April 21st at Sunny King. Love that race and look forward to heading back there and Athens Twilight the next weekend. Both races I missed last year.

Cleveland Clinic p/b Felt Bicycles Cycling Team has bolstered the roster nicely adding some fire power in Andy Crater and retaining all of its strong riders from 2012. We have also added some young talent which will help a lot.

Looking forward to the 2012 season to kick off soon! I will be doing some smaller races prior to the big events so stay tuned for updates on those.

Till next time!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not much cycling to update so how about pizza...

Getting back in the grove of training after battling a cold from vacation. Been riding but finally getting some real training in. More to come on the upcoming season but for now I had a little pizza taste test this week.

I worked just over the Ohio River in Kentucky this week and had tons of people suggesting different places to eat... Mostly pizza. My fav!

I hit up my old fav Larossa's and it was just as good as I remember. After tweeting about it I had a lot of locals telling me Dewey's Pizza was just as good or better. So I had to see for myself.

Hit up Dewey's and got a half pep and a delicious specialty pizza that had goat cheese, tomatoes, mozzarella,, garlic and olive oil. Also tried their own micro brew. That was pretty good as well.

I will have to say that they were both very good but Larossa's still gets my nod as the better pie.

Next time I will have some cycling news. I promise.

I hope you enjoyed my blog Casey and thanks for staying on me about it:-)

Larossa's on the top and Dewey's is on the bottom.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some good eats

Not much to talk about on the racing front except that I have re-signed with Cleveland Clinic for 2012. More on that to follow.

Since not much to talk about I decided to add some posts on some thing's I'm doin while traveling for work. I am in Ann Arbor, MI right which is rough the week after Michigan beat Ohio State in football.

Anyway got a ton of recommendations on places to eat and tonight I checked out Blimpy Burgers. Heard a lot about it and saw it on DDD and man vs food.

I ventured into the U of M campus, sporting my Ohio State hat of course, and found this little dive type place. Pretty straight forward... What do want in the deep fryer? How many patties? Anything grilled? Cheese? Toppings? And that's it. I went with the triple with cheese and an egg. Couldn't decide on fries or rings so went with both.

The burger was super good. Just one of those messy yummy type burgers that you want more of after your done. The fries were average but the rings were excellent. I recommend it for sure. Would be better if it was on Ohio State campus but what can ya do.

If you go make sure you study their ordering procedure online. They are pretty strict and people give you shit if you don't follow the rules. Nothing like having an Ohio State hat on and holding up a line full of people with Michigan gear on.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hi everyone!

Its the off season again and if you know me you know I am enjoying it.  I have been busier than normal as I started a new job a couple months ago and its been a blast so far.  Been working on my public speaking/presentation skills and am loving every minute of it now.

Looking forward to The 2012 racing season already.  Some exciting stuff on the horizon.  Will update you as I go and hopefully I remember to update this before this time next year.

Hope all is well and I will see you soon!