Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summer Solstice

Last weekend was a small stage race in Ohio. Road race Friday night, RR and a TT on Sat and a RR on Sun. I have been training like mad and I trained right through this bad boy. I had a prior engagement on Sunday so I was only doing Fri and Sat. Going in a bit tired and not doing the whole thing I wanted to work for my teammates. A break with 2 of our guys was away the whole race and somehow got caught on the last lap. We set up for the sprint and our leadout train was a mess.. I did some freelancing and in the end was 2nd to John Puffer of Roadhouse... Damn! Legs are a bit heavy and definitely didn't have my top gear. Saturday was a mess with half our team thinking the start was one place (including me) and scrambling to find the race. Me and Tim rode up to the start as they were rolling away... just in the knick of time.. Our other teammates were not as lucky as they missed the start. The legs were rough and I spent half the day chasing a break for the team. In the end 1 guy stayed away and with about 2K to go the attacks started and I went from on the front to the back... with about 1K to go I was about 30 guys back and finally recovered.. I did some more freelancing and came through the middle of the field in the last 200 meters and ended up 3rd in the field and 4th in the stage. So I was sitting in 2nd overall but had to DNF the rest.. oh well.... Tuesday I was on a plane and I sit in a hotel room in San Francisco writing this. I came out here with Tara for my friend Bugs' wedding on Saturday. We decided to come out early and spend some time with Tara's sister Tammy as well as get some good training time in the mountains before Tour of Ohio that starts Monday. My boys fly in on Thursday so it will be out of control. Tour of Ohio starts Monday and the crew is coming to town.. should be a fun week!

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