Monday, April 25, 2011


Was a nice day outside today as I traveled up from rainy Columbus.  Had a good warm up with Jim and told him I wanted to smash myself today for him and that he was gonna win.  Well that worked out perfect.  We had a lot of guys so the key was to be active and aggressive and to make sure Jim, Jeremy and myself didn't miss anything.  We were in pretty much every move from the get go and the decisive move went about 10 laps in with Jim, Jeff and Josh in it.  Jeremy and I got away  but had a big gap to come across with just 2 of us working and 2 others sitting on.  We finally made it and kept driving the break.  As we got closer to lapping we started attacking and Jeff was the 1st to lap with Dan. We didn't like that so Jim and I chased and we finally lapped with the rest reshuffling the cards.  Eventually we started 1-2ing the group and with one to go Jim attacked a 5 man split and soloed to win.  Jeremy and Jeff out sprinted the others for 2nd and 3rd and I won my group for 6th.  All in all a great day or racing and the team rode great.

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