Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Race weekend...

Had a great week. Back into full training and some new workouts. Got behind the motor for the 1st time this year in prep for the big crits and had a blast. I love smashing it behind the motor.. Its been a bit frustrating racing with tired legs but I know it will all pay off at the bigger races. Sat was a pretty cool course that I guess Greg LeMond crushed everyone on for the 1980 Olympic Trials. The wind was pretty bad so it made the entire backstretch feel like you were climbing. Swain rocked up with me and the race was pretty aggressive. Jeremy from RGF is riding his arse off right now and I kept him contained until about 4 km to go. He put in a huge effort and I was a bit late to react and he rode away for the win. Mental error like 400 of the season.. Hopefully getting these out of the way. Anyway I won the little group for 3rd.

Sunday I got together with more of the boys... B2, Chad B, and Ben made the trip over and we were 4 strong. Back to Hueston Woods so a 10 mile circuit with 3 hills a lap. We had a great plan and worked it to a T. B2 was on the attack early and rode like an animal. Solo for the first 50 miles of the race! Chad and I did most of the covering and we let Ben sit in to save his legs. Once we caught B2 Chad and him rode tempo for the next 20 miles to keep anyone from attacking. Pretty impressive on both their parts. I chilled and looked after Ben. Coming into the finish Chad reacted to everything and got us close to the base of the final hill. I went to hit out with Ben on my wheel but the young fella beat me too it and just took off! Was pretty funny.. so I just sat up and let him go.. I gave him a nice gap and he won by a good 10 bike lengths.. I was cramping like crazy but made it up the hill for 4th. Great day for the team.

Legs were pretty tired after a long week and my 1st 2 day race weekend but super happy how I have come out of it. Here are some pics from the weekend.

Ben making it look easy..

Chad B.. one of few pics of Chad that his helmet is on straight

B2 killing it off the front

Katsu's work is never done.. poor guy just came to race and ended up working on our bikes..what a rockstar!

Ben trying to be pretty

B2 always stuntin'

Swain out for his 1st race of the year

This awesome band got us pumped up before the race..

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