Thursday, April 16, 2009

Deer Creek Road Race

Last weekend was a nice road race about 40 mins from my house. Another great week of training and ended it with a tough race. A 70 mile race with super high winds.

We rocked up 7 riders and our plan was to be on the attack all day. I was on the 1st move literally straight out of the parking lot with 3 others. Really did not want to be there but wasn't gonna let the wheel in front of me ride away. So I just sat on and enjoyed the warm up. One of the guys decided he was gonna ride me off the back of the break and I just kinda laughed and took him back to the field with me. We ended up catching the 2 after the 1st lap and then the attacks started.

Jake ended up with 5 guys up the rode and another group of 5 or 6 were trying to cross. We didn't have anyone in the 2nd group and they were going away in the crosswind section. I looked at B2 and said lets go.. I launched to try to get him across but he mis-understood me and I was all by myself.. ouch. I sucked it up and got across the 20 sec gap to the 2nd group and we worked well to catch the break. We lost a few in the process so it was 8 strong. We smashed it for a lap and had 3 minutes pretty quickly. The break rolled smoothly to a 5 minute gap. Jake and I decided to keep it together as my legs were good. With about 5K to go the attacks started and Jake and I messed up the race completely. Just read it wrong and I panicked a bit with 3K to go and basically isolated myself. In the end I ended up 5th and Jake 7th. B2 had a nice ride and ended up 10th. Not real happy with the way I have been finishing races.. Racing tired has been frustrating and it seems the legs go a bit towards the end.

So this week I went back to my doctor as my leg (old injury) has been pretty sore. She said it was worse than I thought and I was losing about 30 percent b/c of it. I have been getting some treatments and its almost all better. So maybe this is a little why my legs aren't so hot towards the end of the race.. or its the training.. we'll see next weekend at Athens when I have some rest before racing:-)

This weekend is a TON of training and another local road race on Sunday. A few hard days next week then off to Speedweek!

If you haven't already, check me out on twitter at I will try to keep you entertained:-)

till next time,


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