Thursday, December 4, 2008


Well I meant to post something the other day really cool that we did down here but we have already topped it.

Today we had a huge outing planned… in a nutshell this is what we did…. A private boat and tour guide picked us up bright and early… we went fishing… caught some fish, then our guide cooked the fish and lobster we caught.. we ate, then went to a couple cool places to snorkel. Pretty fun filled day.

A few parts were worth more detail than that… the fishing was super cool as we were catching some pretty big snapper… then we decided to give a go at some barracuda’s… and sure enough got a hold of 4 of them… man these things were huge and fought you like crazy to reel em in…

Our first stop for snorkeling was a famous place Shark Ray Alley. Yes you get the idea… tons of Sharks and Sting Ray’s… Sounds like a completely stupid idea to me but everyone said it was safe so what the hell. I have lived my life so far with a motto of “do something everyday that frightens you”. Now this can be anything big or small. But since we have been down here I have been pushing the issue with this one. A couple days ago we paddled a kayak out about 1 mile into the ocean and jumped into snorkel. Just Tara and I... no guide.. just us in the middle of the ocean. I saw my first Sting-Ray there and thought I was gonna crap myself… and now I was standing in a boat with these goofy fins on my feet and a mask.. looking into the water at about 10 sharks and a handful of HUGE Sting-Rays. Ramone (our trusting guide) kept telling us, “just jump in”, and then giggled with this funny little laugh. We weren't sure to take him seriously or not but we said what the hell. We jumped in and as nerve racking as it was, the nervousness quickly went away and we just swam around with all this incredible sea life. What an incredible experience and something I thought I would never do. We took an underwater camera and I will post some pics when we get them developed.. I hope they came out because the sharks and sting-rays were literally a foot away from us! Unreal.

Looking forward to our last 2 days in the sun before we head back to the frozen tundra and my real training starts:-) What a great way it has been to get my head on straight before the season… maybe I’ll do this every year:-)

One of the HUGE Sting-Rays we swam with.. yep, the same thing that killed The Crocodile Hunter.. scary

Big Barracuda!

This pic was for you B2.. yep, rockin the wife beater.. suns out guns out!


BVDG said...

respect to the the guns! hahaha stay down there bro, its brutal up here!

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