Friday, August 31, 2007

Chris Thater

Well I thought I was ready to race but that was not the case. A pretty tough technical course with a hill and some tight downhill turns was not very good for my sprained wrists and sore back. Would have loved this course otherwise but my body is just not recovering from my injuries as quickly as I thought. Which is really unfortunate as my shitty race dropped me out of the top 10 overall.... Mark also lost the overall lead and we lost the lead in the team classification... wanna kick my dog while your here???? It is Friday now and I am still pretty sore as my hand is not healing very quickly. Still pretty hard to grip the bars and my back and wrists are getting sore quickly. Just been taking it easy hoping to heal up as I race in Windsor this weekend. Hoping to heal up quickly so I can be full tilt for Worlds Sept 27th. I get my stitches out next week and hopefully that will help the healing process. I'll give it another go this weekend as the course is flat 4 corner. Should be alright... we'll see.....