Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some good eats

Not much to talk about on the racing front except that I have re-signed with Cleveland Clinic for 2012. More on that to follow.

Since not much to talk about I decided to add some posts on some thing's I'm doin while traveling for work. I am in Ann Arbor, MI right which is rough the week after Michigan beat Ohio State in football.

Anyway got a ton of recommendations on places to eat and tonight I checked out Blimpy Burgers. Heard a lot about it and saw it on DDD and man vs food.

I ventured into the U of M campus, sporting my Ohio State hat of course, and found this little dive type place. Pretty straight forward... What do want in the deep fryer? How many patties? Anything grilled? Cheese? Toppings? And that's it. I went with the triple with cheese and an egg. Couldn't decide on fries or rings so went with both.

The burger was super good. Just one of those messy yummy type burgers that you want more of after your done. The fries were average but the rings were excellent. I recommend it for sure. Would be better if it was on Ohio State campus but what can ya do.

If you go make sure you study their ordering procedure online. They are pretty strict and people give you shit if you don't follow the rules. Nothing like having an Ohio State hat on and holding up a line full of people with Michigan gear on.


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