Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good Weekend of Racing

This past weekend we had a couple nice criterium's in Dayton Ohio. Its nice to have some nice races close to home and get to sleep in my own bed every night.

Saturday was the Troy Classic in Dayton, Ohio. Super cool course that was flat with a bunch of turns and a cool round-about to the finish. Kenda was 5 strong: myself, Chad B., Ben Renkema, Tim Swain, and Jim B. Roadhouse had a good team present and Panther had about 10 guys. We tried to ride super aggressive and put 2-3 guys in every move. Eventually Jim and Ben made the decisive move and we were good to go.. at least we thought. As we were patrolling the front we saw both our boys coming back to us... PANIC! Chad and I chased our tails off and got it close but could not bring it back. 3 guys stayed off in the end and I gave it a go but didn't have much legs left after chasing. Was 6th in the end.

Sunday was another cool crit with a bunch of turns and a brick section. We had a bit of a change up in our line-up: myself, Chad B., Tim Swain, Ben, Jake, and Braum were here to mix it up. We came up with a new game plan as things just weren't working with our current way of racing. So we said what the hell. Our plan worked great and in the end we lined it up for a field sprint. We wanted to get Chad, myself, and Ben into the 2nd to last corner on the front.. we thought there is no way we can lose if we do this correct. We lined it up great with 5 laps to go and stuck together great. Jake hit out on the last lap and had Chad, myself, and Ben in tow. The last 2 turns were more like 1 big turn then like 400 meters to the line. Chad hit out going into the 2nd to last turn with myself then Ben. I am licking my lips as I feel great and have the perfect lead out and then.... man down! Chad leads us into the corner and must of hit something in the road as his bike just went out from under him. I slid around him and managed to stay upright but was up on the sidewalk and Ben went down with Chad. Game over. Frustrated day as I believe we woulda been 1-2 but that's racing. The good news is that we rode great as a team and our lead out finally got together. This is great news with some big races coming up.

I am in the homestretch now with big events every weekend and Nationals 4 weeks away. This weekend we are in Chicago for a big show. Chicago Criterium and $25,000 prize list. Lets get some!!


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