Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back to the cold...

Been back in Ohio and getting some good training in but mostly a little rest after the big week in Florida. We had a bit of a heat wave this weekend and it was like 45 and sunny out today! We got a nice little group ride organized of about 20 and it was good to see everyone and ride outside.

I finally got my new bike set up.. just making a few minor adjustments and will be rocking it soon... I thought our bikes were cool last year, but wow our bikes this year are 10 times as cool!! I have a nice little wrinkle for mine and I will post pics of the new sled soon.. they are unreal!!

2 weeks till camp.. can't wait to see everyone!

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BVDG said...

what up dog! my lip gloss is very nice... back to back 110 milers in the mountains this weekend, got hardcore yesterday- stuck in a blizzard on this mountain! I'll hit you up this afternoon