Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Elk Grove

So our team had a bit of a mix up on the weekend, well actually prior to the weekend. We got an awesome invite to ride the big dance pro race at Elk Grove which had some really good money. We had 7 guys registered only to find out we could only have 6. So I decided to just help out and DS the boys and let one of the young guys race and I would just do the amateur race which still had good money.

We had an awesome host house that actually housed all 9 of us! Insane crazy and they took great care of us even cooking and feeding us like champs.. thanks so much to Sarah and Lance.

So my race was 2 crits with an overall based on time... kind of odd to do it that way but whatever. Friday morning we went for a decent ride and the boys dialed in their TT bikes. Big time world champ really had a sweet position that looked faster than everyone Else's... have a look:

The boys did alright with Winnie getting 18th and Hayden got 2nd to last after cutting the course by accident. I think he would have run top 20 as well.

So onto my race on Saturday and my plan was to just chill out today and get the best placing I could. I went for a handful of 3 place sprints that I completely misunderstood. I thought they were doing them different so it turned out to be a complete waste of time and energy.. anyway a group of 4 stayed away and I had an average field sprint almost dumping it with 200 meters to go and came in 9th. Nothing really exciting except the legs were feeling better then they have in weeks. After the race I drove up to help the boys out as they had a 110 mile road race. They had a great day and hayden and winnie were sitting both in the top 10 in the final corner which was about 700 meters from the line when they got stuck behind a crash.. bum luck as I think the team would have had a great result here.

Sunday I had a couple teammates that had mechanicals on Sat join me for the race. I convinced Remi he should rock pig tails during the race for the pure intimidation factor...

The race was good and pretty aggressive. Tim and Remi went for primes and I just sat in waiting for the end. I needed to win or be top 3 to pop into the top 5 overall. So in the end 1 guy slipped away and I put myself in perfect position for the field sprint. With about 175 meters to go I had played it right and was hitting out on the front with tons of legs left when my chain decided to just snap into pieces.. HOLY S*@T!! it felt like my bike just went out from under me and both my feet came out and my hands came off the bars which left me supermanning it with my chest on my handlebars.. Somehow I managed to save it and not crash but I honestly don't know how. Someone was definitely watching after me because I still can't believe I didn't crash. The funny thing the entire time I was thinking I could still somehow coast in in the money so I didn't hit my brakes until after the finish line.. haha real smart. That didn't happen and my chain cost me about 2 grand. love it. That is the 2nd time this season that I have pulled off something crazy and I will have to admit this one tops my bunny hopping at Twilight.

Well the good news is my legs are feeling great but of course I had to bash my knee pretty badly on my stem so hopefully that heals up quickly.

NEXT STOP: We are scheduled to ride the Marion Classic this weekend which is supposed to be a pretty sweet race.. so really looking forward to getting back into that.

till next time.


BVDG said...

pigtails are so far from cool. whoa Remi.

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