Friday, July 18, 2008

Louisville - back to business

Sorry for the delay in the update. Last weekend I was back on the bike as Team Inferno hit the LMPD Crit (nrc) in Louisville with another cool crit the following day. Day 1 was tough. 90 Minutes in some CRAZY heat! I thought my eyeballs were gonna explode out of my head. A great field with Toyota United, Time, and Roadhouse in full effect. We started off good with Jim scooping up the 1st prime and I followed with winning the 2nd. Soon after a break went and Matt was our lone rider with 2 roadhouse, 2 Time, and Hilton Clarke from Toyota. We would have liked another guy in the break so we tried getting across.. I must have attached atleast 5 times until I blew to bits.... the break ended up lapping so we looked after Matt but int he end Hilton was too fast taking the win and Matt had a great ride finishing 4th. The rest of us clawed in in the field and wanted to jump directly in the river it was so hot.

My buddy Daup and Shawn put us up for the night just outside of Louisville. It was good to catch up with some old friends. Thanks guys! The next day was a crit in this little stand alone town. It was basically a little housing development that was self contained. It had its own grocery store, and a bunch of little shops and bars. Basically like Truman Show.. you would never have to leave there.. kind of scary. Anyway, the race was aggressive but stayed together and in the end it was a battle between leadout trains.. Roadhouse lined up with like 15 guys, and we were on 1 side of them and Time on the other. I was sweeping Hayden's wheel which was fun b/c everyone seemed to want the world champs wheel.. but I was having none of that.. We cooked it up with 1 to go and Hayden and I go separated and swarmed like crazy... we couldn't recover in time but Matt came through huge again and finished 3rd with Adam Myerson taking the win. Jbald rode great as well finishing 7th, Hayden in 10th and I scrapped in for 17th.

Overall my legs were trash this weekend again. Just real flat and have no snap at all. So I have been trying to find them. I know there is some fitness in there but I need to get that dead log feeling away and have some freshness in the pistons. We have a good race weekend close to town sat and sun so hopefully the pistons will be firing on all cylinders.

Just wanted to share a funny video of me and my boy chad breakin it down at my wedding... Look out So you think you can dance!!


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