Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Sorry it has been a while since my last post. Things have been going good and my training is on the up and up. I will be heading to Florida next week for some fun in the sun and then off to our training camp in GA. Really looking forward to seeing all the guys. We have a great bunch of guys again this year and it seems everyone is pumped for the season. Here is a little teaser of how pimp our new bikes from Masi are:

Well its official as well as my good friend and old teammate will be riding with us this year. Here is the press release from cyclingnews.com that includes our final roster:

"Godfrey joins Team Inferno Pro"
"Ohio-based Team Inferno Pro Cycling expanded its roster for 2008 by bringing on two more riders, including former multiple New Zealand National Champion Hayden Godfrey, for a total of 18 racers. The growing squad also added a goal – the Tour of Pennsylvania. Young fellow compatriots 2006 New Zealand U23 Road Race Champion Joe Cooper and returning member Joshua England will accompany Godfrey stateside.
"Hayden is a journeyman and experienced leader in the pro peloton, both in the states, as well as international competition," said Team General Manager Chad Thompson. "He has multiple national titles to his name, including the 2006 criterium title and will most likely be in Beijing this summer, representing New Zealand." The addition of Godfrey reunites him with former sprint-ace team-mates Jeff Hopkins and Marco Aledia.

2008 Team Inferno Pro Cycling Roster: Marco Aledia (USA), Andy Applegate (USA), Jim Baldesare (USA), Jeff Braumberger (USA), Joe Cooper (NZl), Joshua England (NZl), Ryan Gamm (USA), Jaime Gandara (Mex), Bennet van der Genugten (USA), Hayden Godfrey (NZl), Rich Harper (USA), Jeff Hopkins (Aus), Remi McManus (USA), Christian Parrett (USA), Ryan Rish (USA), Timothy Swain (USA), Chadwick Thompson (USA) and Matt Winstead (USA). "


Anonymous said...

No Heckman?

Katsu said...

Looks like I'll be building a lot of bikes during camp.

Hekman is on Toshiba this year

Hayden said...

Time to resurrect As If!

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